“Appalling Lack of Respect For the American People”

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President Trump on Thursday evening blasted Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for politicizing a pandemic and calling for a nationwide mask mandate.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris delivered remarks after their trainwreck Covid-19 roundtable on Thursday and called for a “nationwide mask mandate starting immediately.”

Biden and Harris refused to take questions from reporters after they trashed President Trump during their Covid presser.

“Today we saw Joe Biden continue to politicize a pandemic and show his appalling lack of respect for the American people… putting left-wing politics before facts and evidence.” Trump said.

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The President blasted Joe Biden for calling for a nationwide mask mandate, painting Joe Biden as power-hungry and crazed with no respect for state’s rights.

“I trust the American people and the governors want to do the right thing to make the smart decisions and Joe doesn’t… Joe doesn’t know too much.” said Trump.


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