Bloom Energy, Samsung Heavy join forces to develop clean power ships (NYSE:BE)

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Bloom Energy (NYSE:BE) and Samsung Heavy Industries (OTC:SMSHF) sign an agreement to jointly design and develop fuel cell-powered vessels that will reduce carbon emissions.

The companies initially aim to develop eco-friendly vessels that carry liquefied natural gas, and they could eventually work to develop this type of power for container ships and tankers, says Haeki Jang, Samsung Heavy’s VP of shipbuilding and drilling sales engineering.

“Our goal is to replace all existing main engines and generator engines with these highly efficient solid oxide fuel cells to align with the International Maritime Organization’s 2030 and 2050 environmental targets,” Jang says.

Bloom and Samsung say they anticipate that the market for Bloom’s servers on Samsung Heavy ships could grow to 300 MW/year, three years after the first vessel is produced.

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