Steve Mnuchin Admits That Trump’ s Payroll Tax Cut Is Fake

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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin admitted that Trump’s payroll tax cut is voluntary and it is up to employers to decide if they will do it.

Politico reported:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on FOX Business that President Donald Trump’s executive action to offer a temporary payroll tax deferral for those making under $104,000 per year would be “voluntary” and up to employers. That presents an enormously difficult decision for employers who could either decline to give their workers an immediate pay bump or later be forced to claw that money back if the taxes are not forgiven.

Mnuchin: “We can’t force people to participate. But I think many small businesses will do this and pass on the benefits. But I think the President would like to do a payroll tax cut.”

Trump can’t unilaterally do a payroll tax cut. He needs Congress to pass legislation cutting payroll taxes. Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate are both opposed to the idea. The payroll tax cut executive order was a fraud.

For those keeping score at home, expanded unemployment benefits won’t be extended, payroll taxes won’t be cut, and evictions will not be halted. Trump’s executive orders were laughably worthless. The White House used executive orders to try to shift to Democrats for the human suffering that is happening in the country.

The executive orders were exposed for the empty pieces of paper that they are, and all of the blame for the nation’s economic hardship is on Donald Trump.

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