Tweeps Maps engagement u-turn fans compare Boity with Nomzamo

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Tweeps are at it again with hashtags that are nothing but fake news. #BoityEngagedByMaps trended at number one recently, despite the fact that Boity and Maps aren’t engaged. The two aren’t even dating and have said on numerous occasions that they are just friends. It has become a norm lately to see some hashtags created by the night shift gang trending on Twitter, but a deep dive into them proves they are fake.

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Many thought Boity and Maps Maponyane are indeed engaged because their friendship has been scrutinised by many who suspect that it has since graduated into a full blown relationship. This prompted a lot of fans to compare Boity with Maps’ ex, Nomzamo. 

Another tweep said there’s actually no reason to compare the two lovely ladies. She commented, “Some people are already comparing Boity and Nomzamo. Two different people. Satanism of comparing people.”

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